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Sharing these cars with the public is the aim of our public day, but that is just once per year. So we also aim to share films on these cars and their owners throughout the year. If you are not already following our YouTube Channel, please do so!

Short film that sums up a fabulous 2020 event. In a year that was dominated by the pandemic and cancelled events, we (just) managed to get our event out there! Despite limitations on international visitors and vendors, we still put on a show that we hope you all enjoyed. The Collective also managed a trackday at Donington which was pretty special. We hope you joined us at Stowe House, if not, we hope this film inspires you to join us next time.

Team Perfect Circle
The Road To Kyalami films can be seen below, but this final film summarises some of the journey and the actual race itself. Taking the Team Perfect Circle team back to Kyalami after 50 years was a fantastic journey and this film shares some of those emotions – having David Piper in the garage five decades later made it even more special. The Rennsport Collective have supported our ‘Collective’ members as much as possible, from designing the Anniversary livery to marketing support. This is an amazing story so grab a coffee, sit back and we hope you enjoy this film…

Porsche 911 S/T
Any Porsche 911 S/T is a rare and special thing, but this one is a little different. In 1970, Porsche wanted to win the Tour de France, and were concerned a Prototype car would break on the road circuit. So, they took this car and started to add lightness. Everywhere. This is the lightest 911 ever built by the factory, and if the French hadn’t resurfaced the roads, it may have won. But they did, so the French Matra’s came first and second, and this car came third.

Just 60 seconds long. Two full days compressed in to one bite-sized movie that hopes to get across the energy and fun that was had. The private trackday at Donington Park was unforgettable for anyone that was able to come! The public day at Donington Hall saw one of the finest collection of motorsport-inspired Porsches seen in Europe. The lovely grounds of Donington Hall served as the perfect backdrop.

The Road to Kyalami, Part 1.
Rennsport Collective member, Andre Bezuidenhout is going to fulfil a life-long dream in November. He will participate in the Kyalami 9h Sportscar race in a Porsche 997 GT3R 4.0. We produced this film to tell a wonderful story that brings this passion for Porsche and racing to life. This Part 1 is filmed at Silverstone for the initial shakedown – Andre hadn’t even seen the car at this point…

The Road to Kyalami, Part 2.
Part 2 is filmed at our event at Donington Park. The second shakedown and final time Andre will get to drive the car before it is shipped to South Africa for the race itself. We can now call the team by their official name – Team Perfect Circle. You probably will not be aware of the story, but that team name is rather special. It links the Kyalami 9h and Porsche over a 50 year period.

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